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Mullally Print Studios now has an assortment of coasters available for customizing with various themes to choose from!
Read MoreThere are two different types of coasters available: Cork Coaster Sets and Disposable Coasters. Both options will have a final cut size of 3.75x3.75" and will share the same designs. Add your own photos and text to make it unique to you!

Cork Coaster Sets

Each set of cork coasters you customize will come as a set of 6 - perfect gift for Mother's Day, House Warming Parties or even wedding gifts. New designs to customize are being made everyday for more options to select from.

One of more popular requests has been the Personalized Set of Cork Coasters where you can add your own personal photos to print on the coasters whether it's your family, pets, or even your own artwork.

Disposable Coasters

These coasters are perfect for large parties and gatherings! Add your own flair to make it unique to your event and can easily be thrown away during clean-up. While these are printed on 80 lb Felt cover 200GSM, they are exceptionally durable and lightly water resistant. Best part of all, the ink will remain clear and crisp and won't transfer to the surfaces below.

Feedback is Welcome!

If there's a design you would like to have, let us know! Our designers are always trying to create the best and unique designs for our products and are here to help you what you want. Feel free to leave us a comment or Contact Us directly!

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