Golf Hole Sponsorship Signs

sponsor signs Golf tournament sponsors expect to receive good exposure for the money they contribute to the golf event. The best way to achieve this is through hole sponsor signs. Hole Sponsor Signs are usually displayed on the tee box on various holes throughout the golf course and provide recognition for all important sponsors. Sings can be customized with the event information and the sponsor's name and logo.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your sponsor signs.

Keep it Simple. The most effective signs are one, or maybe two lines of message such as name and phone number. If you say too much, people will not read more than two lines of text. Display your logo big only if your customer really knows what it means. If your brand is new tell them what you do and how to call you. That's all you really need in a yard sign since you are limited on space. Customize your golf tournament sign with Mullally Print Studio. We offer fantastic templates or you can start your design from scratch. Use a custom golf hole sponsor sign printing for your next golf tournament.

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