Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Promotional Coasters

The more frequently your brand is seen, the more likely that people are going to come back to your business. A great and cheap way to ensure high visibility of your business is exposing your logo or message in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, offices and homes. Coasters don't just serve to protect the surface they are sitting on, they serve as promotional items. Promotional coasters tempt customers to purchase something different.

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Research shows that two out of three people remember what it was printed on the coaster. This means that 65% of people will remember your business or product. Customers will see your message or logo every time they pick up their drink.

Restaurants and bars are now starting to save money on business cards because they don't have to print every bartender and server's name. Now, instead they get a generic design with the company's logo and phone number and print cheap disposable coasters. Besides the logo and phone number, you also want to make sure you have all essential information like the website or email address in case they want to leave comments.

The nice thing about promotional coasters is that they are beneficial to both your company and your customer. Some of the reasons why promotional coasters are preferred by a lot of restaurant and pub owners is because they are inexpensive. They are functional and they are not just going to get thrown away. They will use them while they are in your business and will protect your furniture.

Some people even collect coasters from different places around the world. Having a unique design for your coasters can be beneficial to your business and might even sell them. Or you can run promotions like if they buy a certain drink that you want to promote, they can get a coaster for free.

While your customers are getting an item free you are sending a message about your business. It is better than printing on flyers or posters because those usually just get thrown to the trash.

Printing different creative designs displaying messages at the table can start conversations. Printing funny messages or images get people's attention and give something to talk about. The purpose is to entertain the guest while they are at the table so they might even take pictures of them and share them in social media.

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